is “America’s Connection Coach.” 


A top-rated speaker, two-time international bestselling author, and television personality. For 15 years, Jonathan’s popular strategies have been utilized by businesspeople around the world who want to gain the advantage by learning to connect, build trust, and master the human elements that produce business outcomes.

You will enjoy how down-to-earth Jonathan is. He’s fun. He’s funny. He gets it. But he will leave you no room for excuses. His style is firm yet fair. You will be challenged. You will be inspired. You will be both totally engaged and totally supported.

As a five-time Mentor of the Year, Jonathan Sprinkles has mastered how to inspire you to “get off your ‘but’ and make it happen.” He combines time-tested personal development strategies taught by the legends such as Napoleon Hill, the proven science of Dr. Maxell Maltz, along with new modern strategies that produce instant results in today’s world.

Are you a busy person? Perfect. It won’t take long to see changes. Jonathan has a unique way of getting to the to the point, getting the core of what you need, so you can get the answer, and get back to your day.



Your best work begins with you being your best self.

 If you believe this is your time, and excuses are not an option, you just found your coach.


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