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Join business leaders and high-achievers around the world who have become ConnectologistTM who know how to build relationships, build trust, and build their business using the Power of Connection!


Master Class

Personalized courses that give you the skills that persuade people to buy into you and your ideas. You have just dis...

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Get Off Your "But" and Make It Happen


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Connection Cards - Skip The Small Talk And Connect With Anyone!


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One Sheets that SELL

YOUR ONE SHEET WILL BE BETTER THAN SOME OF THE TOP SPEAKERS! Don’t waste your time or money paying for expensi...

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Media Pitches That Work

The fastest way to be treated like an authority—and get paid like one—is to be in the media.This package ...

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Get Booked to Speak!

HAVE MEETING PLANNERS CALLING YOU! If you’re planning to get booked for speaking opportunities within the...

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Group Coaching Call

YOU get the rare opportunity to join an elite group of speakers, authors and professionals who get to pick my brain a...

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Content That Sells

STRATEGIC CONTENT CURATION You can make more money and reach more people! If you are busy in your business and you d...

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VIP Mastermind

Advanced coaching, proven strategies, accelerated results. FINALLY! You get the exclusive opportunity to tap into Jo...

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Building Your Brand With Thank You Notes

 Watch Jonathan LIVE as he teaches one of the top-rated courses at Presentation Power.  And here’s w...

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How To Create A Cash Cow Keynote

A Complete Step-by-Step Plan For Turning Your Message Into A Six-Figure Money-Making Machine…Even If You&rsquo...

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Showcasing Secrets Revealed - Create A Profitable Showcase

Did you know you can do a 15-minute speech and make $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000? I sneak a “spy cam” in...

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Visual Triggers: Sell Yourself In 30 Seconds Or Less

Your have a new weapon for grabbing people’s attention and keeping it through your entire presentation: Jonatha...

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Unleash Your Inner Funny

WARNING—this course is does not teach you how appear to be “naturally funny.” Unleash Your Inner Fu...

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Value Proposition

Most value propositions you hear are awful. They are wordy, confusing, and ineffective. Many times, it only talks ab...

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Presentations That Connect

Be the hit of your next meeting! Get the blueprint to master your pitch, motivate change, close the deal, and more! ...

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RECONNECT: 21 Day Challenge

Jonathan Sprinkles is here to help you “get your YOU back.” This 1-on-1, personal coaching journey i...

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Value Proposition

CONNECT IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS: The next time you pitch your idea, product, or company, you will sell yourself like a pro using this framework utilized by some of the top business experts.

Personal Branding

A BRAND THAT CONNECTS. In a sea of sameness, you have to stand out. Your brand tells your story and builds instant rapport with your audience.

Customer Service

SERVICE THAT CONNECTS Developing systems that produce a superior experience for everyone who interacts with those whom you lead.

Public Speaking

CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Get your point across, hold their attention, and be the hit of your next meeting.

Sales & Negotiation

CONNECT & SELL: Secrets for learning your prospects' buying triggers, solving their problems, and closing the sale.

Connect With Thank You Notes

You've never seen anything like this. This amazing system reveals how you can create gratitude campaigns that will make your clients remain loyal and increase your referrals.