Adding unique personality that makes you stand out

Q: When Creating a character, can you go into more detail?

What is your point of view?

Ex) Your message and your mantra should revolve around something doctor themed. Chad Simpson is a pharmacist. Chad wanted to some how use his pharmacy experience into his talk but also did not want to talk about boring medical stuff. Chad originally had “Less stress, more success” that was his program. I explained to Chad that I knew him as the “pharmacists”, you are the pharmacy guy. You’re the guy that stands out from all other speakers because you have a very unique character. After our initial talks I told him that I understand what he was trying to do, he wanted to teach students how to do natural ways to overcome stress. I said, how bout “The Prescription for Success” and now we are bringing in the character. So now we put Chad into a white lab coat because that is apart of his character. Part of the main elements to the character is the visual and the lab coat is that visual. When his audience is introduced to Chad and his background then they can instantly resonate with the lab coat because we have all gone to the pharmacy and interacted with a pharmacist. There is a direct connection.