Getting multiple bookings at one time

Q: Can you please explain block booking and the correct way to go about doing it.

Lets use this example…

Lets say you are in St. Louis, Missouri and you have Missouri State University, Kansas City University & St. Louis Community College asking for you to come in and speak. You can do all three events within one trip and that is what we call block booking. Therefore they are able to save on travel costs because it will essentially be divided between all three schools and they are able to receive a discount.

Lets say that you are normally $2,000 a school, if you do a block booking then you can offer a discount depending on how many schools come in on the blocked booking. So if you have two schools, then you can charge $1,800 and that’s a savings of $200. If you received 3 schools then you can charge $1,700 that would provide a savings of $300. I you book 5 schools then you charge $1,500 a school. Yes you end up making less per school but now your going out to the same area to do 5 campuses at $1,500 each and you now are looking at an earning of $7,500 as opposed to making only $2,000 for one engagement or make $7,500 for a week worth of work is not bad. These are just numbers that I made up but you have the control of what you set your price point and what kind of discount you provide when you do block booking.