Marketing made simple (this really works)

Q: How do you market yourself to an organization?

I have a philosophy that I like to follow: “I want to fish with a net, NOT a hook”. If I fish with a hook then I can only catch one fish at a time but if I fish with a net then I can catch many fish at one time. I want to fish a net so I want to go to the conferences where most of these college administrators attend and I will meet them there. I don’t want to be a campus-to-campus salesman but instead I am going to find out where these people hang out and be there and also speak at the event. These people will also attend my workshops because I will write killer copies and throw in bonuses for attending. Now I will be the speaker of their choice and they will now come to me. The thought process behind this is you need to know where your people hang out, know where the fish are swimming and get in from their.