More Bookings NOW! (Pt 2)

Q: What key elements do you need to be a successful speaker?

You need a mission; you need to have a mission that is beyond just getting booked for speaking engagement and getting paid.

Ex) When I talk about my philanthropy, my mission is that I believe that every student that desires and deserves to go to college, should get the opportunity to do so. The number 1 reason students drop out of college is NOT because of academics but because of finances. So what I do three times a year, two times at presentation power and on my birthday I raise money for a group called Project Grad. They put scholarships together for students who not be anywhere near the ability to afford a college education. They take these kids from an early age and taking on campus tours. They not only get these kids to get to college but through college and once they are done they come back and help motivate future kids of the program about the prospects of college.

That is my mission and my BIG idea. So ask yourself what is YOUR mission and YOUR BIG idea. The next part is what is your MESSAGE to that mission. What is the CORE message? When you develop that message then you must come up with the PROGRAM to that message. If you say that every student that desires and deserves to go to college should have that opportunity then ok here is my program. Here are ways to talk to your child about college so it seems exciting and not boring, here is how you prepare yourself for college even if no one in your family has gone, he is how to ace the SAT’s and every other qualifying exam that will get you into college. So that is message and I have created a program to that message.

Next after you have the MISSION and the MESSAGE, now you need to have a MANTRA. The mantra is the statement that will repeat over and over and over and over again.

Ex) When it comes to presentations, I am saying to you “Connection is Key”, “Connection is Key”, “Connection is Key”. People know me as Jonathan Sprinkles the “Connection Coach”. NOT a speech coach, a connection coach.

Those are the foundational building blocks of your brand.