Positioning yourself with your personal story

Q: If you are giving a talk on a technical topic, do you still need to give a segment on who you are?


One thing I have learned is that their will be certain elements to your talk that people may have heard over 200 times and there OK with that. If your speaking on a technical topic, everyone wants to know what is the “reason to believe”. Especially when speaking on a technical topic you need to ALWAYS explain not just who you are but WHY you care. Why do you really care if people actually get it or not. When they understand the reason then they will understand you’re rational. If they don’t know the reason then they will question your rational. Always start off by giving a bit of your story and your qualifications.

Every Business Has an Expert and every Expert has a Journey.

You need to be good at telling your journey, you are only a collection of your stories. That’s what separates YOU from EVERYBODY else.