The best colors to wear to create a specific result

Q: What color accessories ties, cuff links & shoes, are best to wear with a black suit?

Joel Bower “How to persuade people who don’t want to be persuaded” in this book he talks about the colors that represents different things and what you should wear when speaking. He mentions that a great color to wear when speaking to women is Pink; the next color is red, then gold and blue. Each color has difference significance of something.

As far as cufflinks, this really does not matter because in reality no one will be looking at this. Your gender has no effect; it’s really about the color and what it means to the audience.

For me I personally like to wear the colors of the organization that I will be speaking for. This has a subconsciously effects on the audience because it makes them feel like I belong to the organization. It creates a familiarity. It’s about connecting.

~Jonathan Sprinkles