The formula for getting rebooked at colleges (Pt 2)

Q: How to engage and connect with college students?

The best way to engage college students is to Follow the “CRRAVE Model”


Have some type of gift, use it to elevate your platform to talk to the kids. A gift can be something you have developed like a skill that you have perfected then use that skill during your talk. That will make you charismatic and really make your charisma shine.


You have to be a solution to their problem. Filling a void, meeting a need. You need to discover what college students are struggling with. Visit a local college and talk with students to hear first hand from the students what are some things they struggle with on a daily basis.


You have to show them (the students) that you are real. What battle wounds do you have to show that you not only can talk on the topic but also have experienced similar struggles. These college students want someone that is real.


You have to be very kinesthetic for college students. You have to use that gift in a way that is very high energy. Remember that most college student’s attention spans are very small because they may have just sat through a 3-hour lecture or have been going to classes all day, studying, taking exams. It has to be a very ACTIVE experience.


You have to use both sides of the brain, left side is for Learning and the right side is for recreation.
Ex) Brian Tracey: “Windshield wiper, you go back and fourth you go from left brain to the right brain. You tell a story, you make a point.


You have to give them something to do, have some kind of activity that you already know is a winner. Keep people engaged ALL the time.