Showcasing Secrets Revealed - Create A Profitable Showcase

Did you know you can do a 15-minute speech and make $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000?

I sneak a “spy cam” into my showcase (and even my hotel room) to give you a first-hand look on doing a profitable showcase.

I give unprecedented access, bonus footage, and exclusive interviews that reveal more than you should know. You will learn:

A good showcase needs to be 3 things:
1.    Succinct: The theme is to the point and it has to be catchy or sexy

2.    Repeatable: People can tell easily tell someone else who didn't hear you what your talk was about

3.    Sellable: You have the audience so charged up with all of your benefits that they can easily go to a committee for their approval

·      How and why you need to create social proof.

·      Give results-based testimonials and HOW your stuff WORKS.

·      Your main point of your talk HAS to come within the first 3 minutes.

·      Press your audiences pain buttons... show them how much worse they are without

       hearing your solution. Show them listening to you will fix their problems.

·      How to create the ending you want... no matter how far down the road you are.

·      Show why YOU are the pro... if things go wrong... you keep your cool.

·      WHY you MUST stay on brand, on message, and on point... 




Showcasing Secrets Revealed

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