Get Booked to Speak!


If you’re planning to get booked for speaking opportunities within the next year, you need this package today! The Getting Booked to Speak! package is perfect for you, even if you have ZERO public speaking experience.

With the Getting Booked to Speak! Package, you’ll learn…

  • The 5 ways to get paid as a public speaker and which method will be best for your field of expertise.
  • The “proof points” every meeting planner wants to see before you’ll be taken seriously as a speaker.
  • The exact strategies Jonathan uses to overcome objections that you’ll also hear, and what you can say to smoothly overcome them, too!
  • The top new marketing tools that are guaranteed to always get you results.

This package includes…

  • Video coaching materials that prepare you for immediate impact within the speaking circuit.
  • Transcripts of our coaching materials for your reference throughout this process.

Get Booked to Speak!

Get Booked to Speak! Access from all your devices 100% satisfaction guarantee Comments section: Ask Jonathan anything!

$79.00 USD