Monthly Group Coaching Call

This is a replay of our February 2018 Presentation Power™ Group Coaching Call. Please watch/listen to this coaching session at least two (2) times and then, most importantly, TAKE ACTION!

On this call, we discussed:


  • The top two areas you need to focus on when building your speaking career (everything else is a waste of time)
  • The best time to reach out to schools for future speaking engagements...and how to stay "first in line"
  • How to land high-ticket engagements with some of the biggest brands in the world


  • The Customer Value Journey: 7 steps to attracting your ideal client and earning their business for life
  • The blueprint for acquiring business sponsorships
  • How to monetize your ebook or blog and turn it into a BIG contract


  • How to write your book to take your brand to the next level (don't do this wrong!)
  • What's right for your brand: an ebook or a physical copy? Here's how to know.

And much, much more!

JSprinkles Monthly Group Coaching Calls

$47.00 USD